Fashion critic Toshiyuki Kurosu has been blogging on Kamakura Shirts’ Japanese website since February 2014.
His devoted readership eagerly awaits each week’s posts about Ivy League style and broader topics in the world of fashion.
Here we present selected posts from Kurosu’s archives in English, translated by W. David Marx, author of Ametora, and Matt Treyvaud.

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2013’s Ivy Style Party (No.1)

For my first post in English, let me share a brief report on the Ivy Style Party we held in late 2013. 
Now that was a party! Amazingly, we had 250 passionate Ivy fans attend from all over the country. 
The idea for throwing an Ivy Style party came out of wondering whatever happened to all those guys who were photographed for Men’s Club’s street photo column, “Ivy Leaguers on the Street” back in the day. We sent a call out for anybody who had appeared in the column in the Kamakura Shirts e-mail newsletter, and responses came back from all over Japan. On the invitations to the party, there was no need to print “Please come in Ivy style”: Hundreds of people turned up proudly dressed exactly as you’d expect from former “Ivy Leaguers on the Street.” 
After dinner and dancing, we invited onstage any attendees who had actually been featured in Men’s Club. 
I was amazed and delighted to see just how many there were. One pair of brothers had been in the column twice and brought those old issues of the magazine with them as proof. 
The whole venue was alive with energy, as though we’d all returned to the Seventies. That day I really felt the truth of something I’ve always known: Ivy will never die!
2013’s Ivy Style Party (No.1)

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