Fashion critic Toshiyuki Kurosu has been blogging on Kamakura Shirts’ Japanese website since February 2014.
His devoted readership eagerly awaits each week’s posts about Ivy League style and broader topics in the world of fashion.
Here we present selected posts from Kurosu’s archives in English, translated by W. David Marx, author of Ametora, and Matt Treyvaud.

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Forever Ivy at 80 Years Young (No.3)

After I saw the letter in the Tokyo Shimbun from the Ivy fan, I sent a reply — with some trepidation. I’d never written to a newspaper before. But, a few days later, on the letters page, I was delighted to see my reply to the earlier correspondent.

Reading the letter titled “Young Again with Ivy” on January 25, I found myself nodding in agreement all the way through.
When Heibon Punch was founded in 1964, I was 30. I worked for the apparel maker VAN Jacket, and spent my days thinking of nothing but how to make our Ivy clothing more authentic.

We in the product development department were immersed in Ivy from morning to night: “How about this?” “No, this one’s Ivy-er.”
When creators are this passionate, the consumer can feel how much they care.
The reason clothing doesn’t spark the same excitement today is that you don’t feel the same sense of passion and consideration.

Ivy is youth itself, just as your former Baby Boomer Ivy Leaguer correspondent says.
Even at 80 years old, I remain in my youth and love being an Ivy Elder.

(Tokyo Shimbun, February 1, 2014)

I did like the title they gave my letter: “Forever Ivy at 80 Years Young.”
Very nice... (to be continued)

Forever Ivy at 80 Years Young (No.3)

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