Fashion critic Toshiyuki Kurosu has been blogging on Kamakura Shirts’ Japanese website since February 2014.
His devoted readership eagerly awaits each week’s posts about Ivy League style and broader topics in the world of fashion.
Here we present selected posts from Kurosu’s archives in English, translated by W. David Marx, author of Ametora, and Matt Treyvaud.

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Popeye and “Take Ivy 2016” (No.10)

The “Take Ivy 2016” supplement included with the January 8, 2016 issue of Popeye was riveting right from the cover image. The campus gates are the same ones we passed through fifty years ago, with a couple of steel bollards the only difference. The four students in the shot, however, were something new. In 1965, all the students had short hair. Now none did. The model student of today is more like the boy in the foreground, all in black with headphones on. Everything down to his carefully chosen scarf is part of his look.

And that’s just the cover! The book had plenty to offer the reader inside as well, with photos documenting the fashion at all eight schools. Personally, I like the Princeton and Brown looks. Princeton was a famously fashionable school back then, and apparently it still is today. Brown’s campus isn’t as large as the others, but the vibe is unbeatable, and the students of today are even better dressed than they were back then.

By the way, all eight of the colleges are still among the best on the East Coast. Now that’s tradition. Popeye and “Take Ivy 2016” (No.10)

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