Fashion critic Toshiyuki Kurosu has been blogging on Kamakura Shirts’ Japanese website since February 2014.
His devoted readership eagerly awaits each week’s posts about Ivy League style and broader topics in the world of fashion.
Here we present selected posts from Kurosu’s archives in English, translated by W. David Marx, author of Ametora, and Matt Treyvaud.

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Recalling Youthful Reverence of VAN (No.4)

There’s nothing more gratifying than hearing from Ivy fans who happened to see my name in the newspaper.

A few days after my reply was published in the Tokyo Shimbun, another letter from a 65-year-old in Tokyo appeared under the headline “Recalling Youthful Reverence of VAN.” And what was interesting is that the writer was a woman.

Toshiyuki Kurosu’s letter about the Ivy look on February 1 brought my youth back to me in a vivid wave of nostalgia.
I loved Ivy fashion and revered VAN and its founder Kensuke Ishizu. Button-down shirts, regimental ties, blazers, chino pants...
I spent my youth reveling in Ivy style too, with an eye always on men’s fashion.

My tastes still tend toward Trad, and even today I enjoy wearing my kilt skirts from forty years ago.
When out and about in a button-down shirt, trench coat, and fedora, I’m sometimes mistaken for a man.
It was such a pleasure to walk the streets with a shopping bag from VAN,
and I’m delighted to hear that Mr. Ishizu’s right-hand man, Mr. Kurosu, is still going strong.

(Tokyo Shimbun, February 22, 2014)

“Delighted to hear” that I’m “still going strong”—this made me so happy I almost felt like crying.
I’m glad I stuck with Ivy style. What an honor it is to work in the apparel business. Recalling Youthful Reverence of VAN (No.4)

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