A sock is a buffer between a shoe and your foot; its function is to keep the skin moistened while absorbing excess humidity, an extra layer of skin to protect your foot without a shoe. It is a necessary garment.

When you consider the above, the ideal material for a sock would be 100% cotton in summer and 100% wool in winter.

And to act as a suitable buffer, a sock must be the right size. Choosing the wrong size will result in unnecessary friction in the shoe, wasting the fabric away in no time.

At 24 cm in size, my feet are small and I have always struggled to find the right socks. Over 90% of gentlemen’s socks out there are 25 to 27 cm, and when I wear these socks the loose fabric around the heel always spills out. On the other hand, people with large feet always end up overstretching the socks. The thinly stretched out fabric at the heel and toes will shorten the life of your cherished sock.

It seems that due to socks being knitted and elastic the idea emerged that one size would fit all. This is simply an egotistical conclusion by the seller, purely thinking of sales efficiency rather than the need to be customer-orientated. Indeed, having only one size meant they were perfect as gifts: there are no sizes and an array of brands to choose from.

Shoes on the other hand are made in 0.5 cm intervals and some people are even particular about the width. No one will endure the pain of wearing shoes that don’t fit.

But what about socks?

A perfectly sized sock to match the shoe is essential if you think of the meaning of wearing a sock. I longed for the perfect socks: socks that were my size and used a natural material, kind to the skin. I couldn’t find them anywhere and was starting to lose hope.

You can’t blame customers for their indifference towards socks. We were never taught that our size was of any importance. But fashion starts at the feet and we are all ever so careful about choosing the best shoes that adhere to social manners. If shoes are to be of this importance, we must recognize the need for the best socks that can keep feet in the best condition.

In reality, sellers place no effort in improving customer satisfaction since consumers treat socks as readily expendable items. That’s why I decided to make and sell the socks that I personally wanted. Luckily for me, there was an outstanding manufacturer in Japan that was willing to satisfy my desire.

In winter, we use 48 count (2 ply) wool dress socks (you will rarely see them because of how expensive they usually are), and in summer, 100% Egyptian cotton.

The socks also come in three sizes: small (23-25 cm), medium (25-27 cm), and large (27-29cm).

Knee socks are essential gentleman-wear. Our socks will not slip down to embarrass you, nor will they be too tight, stopping blood flow. These warm woolen socks are knitted with the perfect tension.

We have kept the price affordable to stay true to our customers’ expectations. It’s important to keep your feet warm in winter to stay healthy. Wool will keep the perfect moisture level for your feet even if you sweat or get wet.