The standard we aimed for was the world-renowned shirts handmade in Napoli. They are true masterpieces, hand sewn by craftsmen of the highest skill, and costing several hundred dollars. Our task was to replicate this level of quality using sewing machines, so that we could keep the price affordable for our customers. It goes without saying that providing something affordable has always been our policy. It is of paramount importance for us to make products that reach out to our customers.

The journey began when we opened our first store in New York. It was a proud moment for me to see Westerners accepting the Western style dress shirts we had made in Japan. In this we were lucky because we could utilize the experience and knowledge of the Ivy League look from my time at VAN Jacket. People initially told me that there was no chance for a company like ours from Japan to succeed in the US. But we had accumulated knowledge of both master craftsmanship and American culture, which received plenty of attention when we first opened the store. One reason why people were so interested in us was because most of our shirts were made in Japan. “Made in USA” had become rare, and people in America could only really choose from “Made in China” or “Made in Vietnam”.

They asked me, “Was this really made in Japan?”, “Is such quality, really this affordable?” We received both praise and amazement. They told us that they were glad that we had opened our store in New York and offered their support. They also begged us not to leave.

The level of understanding and insight the people in New York have of clothes was beyond my expectation. They told us about the shirts they wanted: how they should be, and how they should look. We received many requests. And thus, to reach the world standard and to actualize the requests we had received from our fans, our efforts began.

Four years have now passed since we first opened in New York and began receiving these requests. We are, therefore, proud to introduce our new shirt, something both our fans in America and Japan will be satisfied with. We’ve called this new model “Manhattan” after our two stores on the island, and it will be available from January 2017. You’ll notice the difference when you wear it. I can’t explain any further. The production and sewing techniques used are of the highest calibre. Not all of our factories can make these shirts yet, so availability will be limited to begin with. We hope you will be waiting in anticipation of these new shirts.

(The price is set at $89)