The yarn count of a fabric shows how thin the thread used is in creating the fabric. The thread becomes thinner and smoother as the number increases. A shirt tailored from shirting that uses high yarn count thread possesses an elegant shine that is the perfect match for styling with a suit.

The yarn count

The thinner the thread used, the delicate the fabric becomes. The number given for the yarn count also increases. Generally, yarn count that is anything over 80 is said to be in the “high count” range and is used for high-end shirts. At Kamakura Shirts, we use everything from 40 count thread for our oxford cloth shirts to the world’s thinnest yarn, 400 count thread. Most of our shirting fabric uses 80 count or more. Here we introduce our lineup of high-ranked, high yarn count shirts that exceed the expectations of premiums shirting.

The cottons

Extra-Long Staple Cotton Cotton

Extra-Long Staple Cotton cotton, one of world’s greatest cottons, is a luxurious cotton grown within the mountainous region of China. The elegant shine and the supple texture that slides are enough for one to notice its superiority at a glance.



This cotton is a cross between cotton from India, “Sujata”, and cotton from the West Indies, “St. Vincent.” The title “Gold” is given to the first and second pickings that have absorbed all the soil’s nutrients. The cotton contains natural oils that gives it a moist and soft texture. The coloring is an off-white in comparison to the bright white of Extra-Long Staple Cotton cotton.


Only mother of pearl buttons will suffice our premium shirting. The glow of each button mirrors the attention to detail that goes into producing each shirt.

We use highly scarce “Suvin Gold” cotton to create 3 ply 150 yarn count thread. The fabric woven possesses a natural white (as opposed to a bright white) coloring.

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Our 200 count shirts use Extra-Long Staple Cotton cotton from China. The texture is relatively firm in comparison to other cottons, which in turn produces a durable fabric that has excellent coloring. The 200 count collection offers the most designs to choose from.

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The fabric woven from the thinly spun Extra-Long Staple Cotton cotton feels like feathers of an angel against the skin. It’s radiance and elegant shine is captivating.

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Using front-line technology that Unitika of Okayama, Japan possesses, we have been able to develop a miraculous fabric from 400 count thread. From the initial process of spinning the illusory “Suvin Gold” cotton, to weaving the fabric, to sewing the fabric into the final shirt, everything has been done entirely in Japan. It is a feat achieved by the culmination of technology that is available in Japan. Kamakura Shirts is the only place where you can experience a shirt made from 400 count thread.

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